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A few years ago the Tea Party showed us how truly ironic protest signs could be, but the cream of the irony crop has to be these misspelled and otherwise incorrect “Speak English or get out” signs we found online.

These ironic calls to action are mostly the work of anti-immigration “patriots” who want to protest the speaking of languages other than the one they can barely understand. Not surprisingly, many of them didn’t check the accuracy of their signs, decals or other messages before introducing them to the world. Luckily for us there’s photo evidence!

Scroll through the 10 most ridiculous messages below and get ready to facepalm for the rest of the day.

Pot Calling The Kettle Stupid?

We’re pretty sure that you’re the one who’s abusing the privilege, but we don’t expect you to understand.

"Your In America"

No matter how you feel about the Yankees, this person is the worst.

Casa D’Irony

Speak English (unless your bar name just sounds better in Spanish).

"No Excetions"

Well, there is at least one exception.

"America’s Offical Language"

Underlining the error only makes its more obvious.

"Respect Are-Country"

My first grade cousin struggles with are/our too.

You’re Vs. Your (With Bonus Comma Confusion)

Maybe you’ll at least learn how to speak Spanish correctly.

"Our Only Lanaguage"

At least they spelled “our” right.

Unnecessary Quotation Marks

Speak English, but only sarcastically.

Honk For Spelling

In her defense, the “s” in “amnesty” does kind of sneak up on you.

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